About The Artist

Jerry Calote was born and raised in a small agricultural town in Central California. At the age of 18 he was accepted into the University of California at Los Angeles in a scholarship program. At UCLA he became interested in studying motion picture and specifically, animated film. It was there that he found his place and mentor,  Dan McLauglin Jr., in the animation workshop and trained his drawing and painting skills within the medium of motion picture under his guidance for the next four years. After graduating from film school in 1976, Mr. Calote employed himself as a technician in various motion picture and commercial productions in the Los Angeles area.

In 1985 Jerry Calote was invited to produce an art project in Switzerland. In his new environment he found inspiration to begin creating paintings on canvas and produced his first serious body of fine art.  After obtaining temporary residency in Switzerland he built an art studio in the Berner Oberland called Atelier Calote. For 12 straight years he spent most of his time in Europe producing a variety of artworks ranging from surrealistic paintings to modern art, and large murals on indoor and outdoor walls throughout Deutsch Schweiz.  The surrealistic series were exhibited in several art shows in Switzerland and Germany.

In 1998 he  returned to Southern California to engage his creative energies again in his homeland and opened an art studio in Agoura Hills, California.  During this period he worked frequently in the San Diego area designing art for various commercial and private clients.  Jerry Calote obtained dual EU and US citizenship in 2013 and made a decision to permanently reside in Switzerland.  He makes occasional business excursions to Southern California for US clients.

Jerry is a world traveler, and enjoys painting the impressions of his destinations as the artistic documentation of his experience.  Originality and the demonstration of imagination are important to Mr. Calote in his art.  Having grown up as a USA baby boomer, the influences of the Disney and Warner Brothers Studios on his creative character are unmistakable.  As he matured he developed a passion for cinema and particularly the films of Stanley Kubrick. The move to Los Angeles in 1972 gave him exposure to urban industrial artists and designers that helped him evolve his naivety as a painter to more sophistication than he may have been able to otherwise  achieve from his rural home.  He engaged a multi-interest in filmmaking, animation, and painting that is evident in the narrative style of art that he often extrapolates.  The writings of John Steinbeck struck an emotional chord on him and satire, black humor, and political irony pervade his thinking and interests.  Till now he has not found the motivation in abstract styles of painting that representational work offers for his expressions, and his tendency is the use of images that make a statement.  He is interested in the social and political dilemma of the world. The love of nature he cultivated in his early farm years contrasted intensely with the urban mentality that he greeted in Los Angeles and this dichotomy of experience is expressed in concepts, form, and substance throughout his art.  These visual ideas most often come spontaneously and then he derives or learns the way or technique to produce his concept.  This gives his portfolio a non-linear and technical diversity that is uncommon.  The technical challenge of painting has primarily been for Jerry Calote the magic and joy of mimicking light and form through color and this has been the central aspect in art that arrests him.   The long arc of his evolution also reveals movement  from strict representational art into the modernist trend of depicting “mood” with paint and color.

Jerry Calote now resides in Lucerne and locates his atelier in this reknown mountain resort.